Full-Fill Tub

Web series

Come in waves on web. Touch the millions of waving surfers



It won’t make you fly. But it will make you buy.


Corporate Film

A film in need is a film indeed (if it’s our breed)

corporate film

Documentary Film

Unrest drives the camera out


Corporate Event Capsule

A capsule that tastes good.
No water, no food.

event capsule

Testimonial Video

Light, Camera. Masala tea.


Audio Jingle

tara rum pum pum pum pum
Tra la la la…..

Audio jingle

Production Design

That furniture / flower vase in the backdrop in off focus….it would be more like it if it were worn out perhaps

production design

production design tagline

Production Execution

What if that clown at the centre of the circus arena, that clown whose unnatural acrobats make us roll in laughter, what if he is the one controlling all the action around?

Production execution


think first. Now think a little more. Nothing yet?
Pluck your hairs one by one. Shake that head.
Tea….Coffee…. Whisky …Smoke.
Think! THINK!! Nothing still? Lage raho.


Scripting for Event

scripting fior event

Here you’ll stand and there she will
A table there the corner fills,
She then calls to the dog “lulu”
And you stumble to her saying ‘who’
the dog then barks and springs on you
and she giggles, says “shoo shoo”

Still photography

Lying On the ground with a 70-300. Interesting angle. Somersault capture. And then HDR….sounds smart eh?

still photography

Acting workshop

Ideas are not enough unless you have two strong legs to take you there

acting workshop

Soft skill workshop

Have you got your dusters? Welcome to your weaponry.

soft skill

Theatre & Film

To see a world in a grain of sand
And a heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand
And eternity in an hour.

film & theatre