Baksher Bairey (Out Of The Box) – The Film

Independent Feature Film  – Baksher Bairey (Out Of The Box)

On a highway a speeding car driven by a young chap is found heading somewhere. But someone flags it down – he is looking for a lift. Not fully settled yet with their introduction, the two travellers find another- self-invited girl in the backseat.

Have you ever got lost? Where you go, who you come across, seemingly new and strange, might all be interconnected. So it is with these three. They escape from an overlapping past. They escape from their boxes only to find their natural selves. Nature has its own music. And if one is silent and open enough, it instils the joy of that music in his heart. Everything that happens amidst fun and panic, everyone they meet only makes them close to one another – just like that.

In a world full of chaos and absurdity each life is shooting like a youthful, vibrant star. Each has its own colour, its own path. Sometimes, the paths converge. They say it’s all a simulation. Well then, let’s just be.

This pacy independent film attempts to unfold a wit-packed unpredictable thriller. It is a rollercoaster journey presented in a digital film language brewing with raw vibrant human flavours.

Baksher Bairey

Directed By – Gautam

Produced by – Booze Production

Director’s Note on the film

With years of theatre experience followed by feature film associate-directing, making documentaries and other audiovisuals, as well as vast viewing, my belief grew to be this. A thing made with passion, a thought of novelty drafted into the right film language can create something unique. The fact that years of work did not bring along a producer for a film, did not damp my passion . When I proposed making this film a handful of similar-minded comrades flocked together. And this independent indigenous film is the result. Let me call it a signature of simplicity. Due to a very small budget, amateur actors were given workshop and brought up to the task (and mark the ‘real’ effect), techniques and tools were invented to suit the guerrilla-style shooting. Only a team of around 15 people brought this project to life. Yes, one who acted also acted as a light boy, the lyricist was the costume-designer as well, and a singer-lyricist is also the associate director and the editor. The theatre-doer inside me has trust in simplicity and power of multitasking. The result is raw, natural and free-flowing visual language. ‘Baksher Baire’(Out of the Box) speaks for itself. Enjoy the vision.

Production Note

Guerilla style independent feature film

5/6 months of roller coaster ride of Guerrilla style film making has evolved into a vibrant, pacy, very youthful and wit-packed thriller.
The notable and rare feature is that right from conceiving the concept to entire pre production, post production, dubbing, sound design & editing was done in house under the single roof of our Production house through our expert team and NOTHING was outsourced.
Almost in zero budget, yet the look and feel of the film says “Something else”. 

 Baksher Bairey – Title Song

Bipulo Tarango re – A rabindra Sangeet from Baksher Bairey

Teaser of the film

Official Promo of the film

Song – Akash, Dekho

Song & beyond – Making of the song “Akash, Dekho”

Teaser & Beyond – Story of the making part 1

2nd Trailer and beyond

Another Poster of the film

Baksher Bairey Making Part 1

Baksher Bairey Making Part 2

Anik Banerjea presents

in association with

Creocraft Ventures Pvt. Ltd. Vitameans Media Services

Associatate co-owners

Sayan Mukherjee, Sabyasachi Chatterjee, Dipyaman Banerjee,
Sourav Bagchi, Debtirtha Das, Partha Sarathi Bhattacharya,
Gopal Ghosh, Tapan Dhar, Aloke Nandy, Sumita Saha,
Jayeeta Sengupta, Saraswat Bhattacharya, Sougata Chakraborty,
Anupama Dasgupta, Subhashish Majumdar, Atreyee De, Animesh Jana
Suchandrima Ray, Paritosh Shukla, Vinayak Joshi,
Taki House Friends Group

Creative Advisor

Munmun D Halder

Director of Photography

Santanu Banerjee

Sound & Music

Utsav Mondal


Dipbrata Banerjee


Dipbrata, Munmun, Animesh


Munmun D halder

Executive Production

Rajib Roy


Gautam, Joydeep, Rhea, Shuvankar, Tandrima, Rohit, Rajib, Sayan, Animesh


বাক্সের বাইরে
(Out of the Box)


Associate Director

Dipbrata Banerjee

Production Design, Script & Direction