Behind the counter


Indrani –

indrani edit

A woman of substance. Having worked for over ten years in corporate houses as managing HR, she is now her own boss. Her circus, her monkeys. Yes folks. SHE is our proprietor



Gautam – gautam

A passionate person with his creative intoxications. He is anassociate director of new-age Bengali films like Ranjana Ami Aar Asbona, Dutta Vs Dutta, Abar Byomkesh and also the final script writer, casting director and associate director of Kolkatar King. He assisted Anjan Dutta in numerous film and telefilm projects.

He has been the director of ad films, corporate films, documentaries, and non-fiction serials. He started his creative journey as a theatre doer as an actor, then came into directing theatre projects and later started penning down his own scripts. With his sheer experience and expertise, Gautam has brainstormed the idea of Booze Production and intrigued others to be associated. He is our creative and technical head and shepherd of the flock.

Rajib –

rajibA corporate administrator and a passionate actor, who has the urge to create something different. With handful of acting and modeling experiences, he has taken a decision to start on his own. His experience in the corporate field spans along nearly 20 years that triggered a new journey as an entrepreneur. His vast experience in both IT sector and as an artist will help to infuse client’s aspirations to creativity. Rajib stepped into the shoes as a managing partner.

Dipbrata –

dipA vibrant youth with his lens and pen. He is a photographer, a writer, a poet and a graphic designer. Dip is a guy who is experienced enough in assisting audiovisual projects of ad films, corporate films, non-fiction serials, documentaries and has been a director of short films. In recent past he worked in a French television project as a line producer and assistant director. His exuberance and passion is the triggering force of Booze Production. Being the working partner he always has to be on his toes and hence can hardly booze!!!


Munmun –munmun2

A crazy mind – the outsider, who is made to write, sing, ideate, paint, compose, consult and what not. With her depth she swims fluently from poetry to cinema, music to painting. Booze wouldn’t this crazy be, if there were no ‘she’.

Shantanu –


A crazy guy with his camera, who creates magic through lens. The guy has been in the making of different ad films, documentaries, corporate films, telefilms and feature films as a DOP. Again, he has worked with our partners in quite a few project