High on Booze –


Booze production, a little more than a production house, is keen to give a creative intoxication to everybody who associates. Deliver that which has not been delivered yet. Simply simple, smart and creative. Booze is an organization of like-minded creative intoxicationers, who decided to encounter their cerebral hunger with new challenges.

Gautam has infused this hangover into creative assimilation. He is vastly experienced in theatre and film for more than twenty years, as an actor, director, script writer, production designer and so on. He directed theatre for long time, short films, documentaries, ads, corporate films and capsules for different channels. He assisted Anjan Dutta in many films and telefilms.

Also an associate director of RANJANA AMI AR ASBONA, ABAR BYOMKESH, DUTTA VS DUTTA and final script writer, casting director & associate director of KOLKATAR KING.

We hope his experience and passion, our energy and vision will be able to find a solution to every client’s aspiration – just the way it’s wanted, no matter how little or big.

hign on booze So, Booze it. High on. It’s what we are.

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