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Corporate Film for Sree Gee Plastics

Shyamali Plastic and Sree Gee die & mould- the fast growing twins manufacturing industrial plastic products with die & mould under one umbrella are a rare combination in eastern India.
Booze Production is very happy to join hands with this rapidly growing unit to meet their urge to reach out to a larger audience.


  • New Year Song
    Demonetized? Depressed? had a rough year? cheer up!! Here’s your song. Watch. Enjoy. Spread. Happy New Year…. 🙂

Durga Days

One of the greatest art carnivals of the world – Durga Puja of Kolkata has long surpassed the arena of ritualistic religion. It has become a festival of divine art – a celebration of life. For spectators it is a year-long awaited week of craze. But the real people who bring this dream into reality spend sleepless months of passion and creation. It is because of ASIAN PAINTS SHARAD SHAMMAN that this artistry has evolved in the last three decades. Not just Durga idol and pandal, not just an installation……it is a woven world of disbelief. Don’t believe? Come. Watch DURGA DAYS (Kolkata Durga Puja 2016)

This film would not have been possible without a “let’s do it” from Sabyasachi Chatterjee and his Creocraft Ventures Pvt Ltd.

And ofcourse – us:
Edited by Dip, Sound design & Music by Utsab, Narrated by Munmun, Shot by Gautam, Dip, Sudipta, Creative direction by Gautam……a BOOZE PRODUCTION creation

Durga Pujo Kolkata Lookback

DURGA PUJO: Artistry Unbound a Memoryscape

Bosch GLM40 precision tool training video

Crowdfunding pitch video for Rangamaati handicrafts,

Crowdfunding pitch video for Rangamaati handicrafts, an e-commerce enterprise promoting and patronizing talented rural artisans and ethnic products of bengal.

Full Version

Short Version

Election Campaign TVC

TVC made for general assembly election of West Bengal, 2016 for CPI(M)

Chalamthang – Moist Green Naturale

Here it is ! A heavenly abode of virgin beauty, infinite serenity and tranquility – Invented by Mother Nature – Discovered by few nature loving souls – Captured on foot through the eyes and lens of Gautam – Set free now for all of us to experience……shall we ?

Disclaimer : Although this fruit (travelogue) is our harvest, Booze is not liable for the sweet hangover of Chalamthang (South Sikkim) which lingers on……..

Dara Eco Village : a return to nature
When the husting bustling smoking gritty city life tends to make its way to our very psyche, it’s time, you know. It’s time to pack your bag and go. Suppose there still exists places virgin green as if out of a grandfather’s tale. Meadows of natural fruits and flowers, silence reigning….a land of mountain, river, birds and blooms. You never know, one day you might wake up in Dara Eco Village, just like Gautam did.

Watch the travellogue here

Durga Puja : Artistry Unbound
Promo of the documentary exploring the artistic grandeur of Durga Puja, , how Kolkata and surroundings become a huge exhibition ground
of artistry unbound in Durga Puja and how Asian Paints Sharad Shamman inspiring this artist grandeur for 30 years.
This documentary was directed by Gautam and a fruit of collaboration by Booze Production and Creocarft Ventures Pvt. Ltd.

Watch the Promo

Watch full Documentary

Corporate Film & Capsule for Sree Gee Die & Mould Mfg. Pvt. Ltd.
Corporate film for Sree Gee Die & Mould Mfg. Pvt. Ltd.depicting journey of director Mr. Sushanta Sashmal as well as the operations and profile of the company and a corporate capsule about brief scenario of the company, Sree Gee Die & Mould Mfg. Pvt. Ltd

My Gaadi And I (Documentary)
Here is a unique documentary on the relationship between man and a vehicle. This relationship sometimes turns into an obsession occupying the front seat in the person’s life. That unspoken charm led us to a ride on the vehicles.Many can buy or afford luxury or vintage vehicles, but here is a different breed of people who dream and live cars. Here are cars that have turned into soul mates. Independent of one’s socio economic stature, right from a taxi driver to a fancy car owner, or a run of the mill small family-car youth to a vintage car connoisseur, their “dream car” occupies a passionate place in their life. One can be driven by a car. For many of them, the Car is their inspiration for living and they sleep car, eat car and dream cars.The concept was a brainchild of Mr Reuel Ghosh, an NRI based in New Zealand. The film took wings from the shoulder of Film Maker Gautam, who made the concept ferment into a different audiovisual journey.Official selection for the Big Mini Media Festival, Brooklyn, USA, Delhi International Film Festival, Winter Film Awards Independent Film Festival, New York and winner of gold award in DOSHIMA, Jakarta and award of merit in IFFDSC, Indonesia.

Watch the promo here

Watch the full documentary here

  • Dhak Kotha – Docufiction on revival of Dhak, and how this gradually fading tradition has been reincarnated through the Social responsibility program of Cycle Pure Aagrbathies.
    (dhak kotha)
    Watch the Full Docuemntary –

  • Asian Paints Corporate Film – Story of upliftment of the lives of painters through Melamyne. It was largely shot in Uttar Pradesh. (asian paints)

  • Asian Paints Product Testimonial Film – Shot in Punjab. the film targets business associates and users.(asian paints)

  • Adfilm for Tantuja Sarees – The latest adfilm flaunting products of Tantuja (niche brand of West Bengal Govt.)

  • Ad film on Rhythm Dhaker Larai of Cycle Pure Agarbathies.
  • A huge scale multicamera shoot of Guinness World Record attempted dance event for Family Adda
  • Corporate theatre Project for Erevmax Technologies , a workshop based black comedy (corporate theatre)
  • Audio Jingle for Tuffplast PVC Pipes